Moving FAQ

    What is a short haul move?
    This is a move that is less than 450 miles. Make sure to inquire with your moving company as you may have to pay long distance charges even for short haul moves.

    What is a local move?
    This usually refers to moves that are less than 100 miles and within the same state.

    What is an intrastate move?
    This refers to a move of more than 100 miles within the same state.

    What is freight service?
    Freight service is cheaper than a full-service move because movers transport your items to your destination and leave them at the doorstep of your new home. All your items must be boxed in advance, and movers won’t wrap individual pieces of furniture.

    Why do you ask for my email address and phone number?
    We require an email address and a valid phone number so our partner moving companies can contact you and quote your move. Most companies will schedule a time to come to your location and write up an estimate on what your move will cost with that specific moving company.

    Do employees of moving companies have to be insured?
    Yes, you should verify that all the professional movers and packers are insured by the company you select.

    What is a booking agent?
    This is the agent you choose as your mover or the member of a van line that will coordinate all dates and services for your move.

    What should I do with kitchen items that I need to use?
    We recommend that you pack up all your items or have the movers pack them and prepare to dine out or use paper plates for a few days prior to your move.

    What are extraordinary value items?
    In the moving industry, these items are ones that have a value of more than $100 per pound. You must list all of these items on the inventory form your moving company will provide.

    Will my movers clean my home once my move is complete?
    Most professional movers will clean up any mess they have made during the actual move. However, they don’t perform general house cleaning so you must hire a professional cleaning service or perform this task yourself.

    Do I have to empty all of my filing cabinets?
    Metal filing cabinets with 2-drawers can be left full, but you should empty the top 2 drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet. You should also completely empty all lateral file cabinets and all drawers of a wood cabinet.

    What is third party service?
    This is a service contracted out to people other than the movers. It may include waterbed service, household cleaning or appliance servicing.

    What is long carry?
    You may be charged an additional fee if the moving van can’t come within a certain distance from the entrance of your destination. This is generally 75 feet, but you need to check with your particular moving company.