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□ Update or renew your insurance. You will need:
Previous driver’s license #
New driver’s license #
Car registration

□ Update your homeowners and/or renters insurance policies.
□ Register your vehicle in your new city. You will need:
Current mileage

□ While you’re at the DMV, update your driver’s license to your current residence. You will need:
Birth certificate or passport
Social security card
Driver’s license from your previous residence
Proof of residence – bill with new address or lease/mortgage papers

□ Register to vote using your new driver’s license.

□ If you are a business owner, register your business with appropriate state and local authorities.

□ Open bank account(s) and safe deposit box (need driver’s license, deposit).

□ Stock your new cabinets and fridge with the most important food and beverage items.

□ Update banking information, including personal information, billing address, automatic deposits & withdrawals.